Joseph Ciaglia

Enjoy the photographs below. Click the small images to see the larger images. Keep in mind that the original photographs have ten to fifteen times as much detail.


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About the photographs

The deserts and mountains of the southwest have been a spiritual and artistic inspiration to me ever since I left the east forty years ago. The spare and silent power of this sun-scorched land and the tenacity of the plants and animals and people that survive here have nourished me in countless ways. I have always wanted to give back to this land by making images that foster and sustain love and respect for this delicate and threatened place. In the photographic work I show at the Rare Earth Studio Gallery I have attempted to reenergize a traditional form of landscape photography, the superwide panorama. Panoramic photographs were first made with mechanically ingenious rotating cameras in the late 19th century. However, panoramas never were a strong genre in the history of art; technical problems held back the flowering of the genre. Today digital imaging has eliminated those problems and created opportunities for photographers to produce great panoramic landscapes.

Unlike traditionalists, I create panoramas with the help of a computer. I use an ordinary digital camera to take a series of overlapping photographs, usually 4 to 7. After I transfer the images into a computer I join them and create the illusion of a single photograph. I don't use "panorama stitching" software because the quality I require can only be achieved by joining them together "by hand," a slower process. Then I alter the tones and colors with Photoshop software until I have a print that satisfies me. I print each image individually with specialty inkjet papers and archival inks to ensure that they are fade-resistant. I can make images up to 40 inches long in my studio; larger sizes are printed under my supervision by another photographer.


Sizes and prices

In the Rare Earth Studio Gallery I keep several sizes of prints in stock. I use the length of the longest dimension to classify and price the prints.

40 inch long photographs cost $195.00 unframed and unmatted, rolled in a tube. Domestic shipping is $8.00.
30 inch long photographs cost $125.00 unframed and unmatted, rolled in a tube. Domestic shipping is $8.00.
21 inch long photographs cost $75.00 unframed and unmatted, rolled in a tube. Domestic shipping is $8.00.

Images can be made to order in any size over 21 inches. Photographs larger than 40 inches are all made to order. They can be up to 100 inches in length. As an example, an 80 inch photograph costs $690 including shipping. Purchases at the gallery require 6.0625 percent sales tax, which is also charged on photographs shipped to New Mexico.

Experience has shown that shipping framed prints larger than 21 inches is expensive; you will save money having my unmatted prints framed by a frame shop near you. However, I do frame and ship large prints. As a guideline, a framed 40 inch print (total size 47 x 21) costs $395.00 and shipping it costs about $90.00 to the east coast. A framed 30 inch print costs $275.00 and east cost shipping is $70.00. Framed 21 inch prints cost $145 and shipping is $35.00.

As mentioned elsewhere, I do not sell directly from the website. I prefer to make arrangements with you by email at or by phone (505-579-4500) or by mail (Joe Ciaglia, Rare Earth Studio, HCR 69 Box 6b, Embudo, New Mexico).


Biography and art resume

Photography-related personal history

Public Art

2005 New Mexico Art in Public Places purchase awards for three large photographs for state buildings.

Represented by Sage Fine Art in Taos, New Mexico.

2003 At an exhibition at Fuller Lodge Art Center in Los Alamos whose theme was Bandelier National Monument, my image Forest and Ruins was given one of two "Superintendent's Awards" by the Bandelier Park Superintendent.

2003 Bernalillo County Public Art purchase award for a large photograph for the new county courthouse.

2002 New Mexico Art in Public Places purchase awards for five large photographs for the state's Pinon Office Building, Santa Fe.

2001 and 2003 Exhibitions at Photoworks, Taos, New Mexico, including the gallery's inaugural exhibition.

Photographic Writings

1998-2001 and 2003-2004
An Introduction to Digital Imaging, (Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ) is the first college textbook to be published on the subject of general aspects of digital imaging. I completed a second edition, which was released in March, 2005. I created over 100 of the illustrations for the new edition.

Photographic Teaching

1999—2006 University of New Mexico, Taos, NM
As an adjunct professor, I teach three courses at the school. The courses are Introduction to Digital Imaging, Digital Imaging II, and Mastering Your Digital Camera.

1978—1980 Asst. Professor of Design at Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA.
I taught traditional darkroom photography in the context of a design curriculum.

Professional Photography

1980—1990 I operated a corporate and advertising photo studio, Philadelphia, PA.

Photographic Education

1973 MFA in Photography, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. Student of Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind.
1971 BA in Art, Reed College, Portland, OR
1969 Special Student in Photography (non-degree program), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I studied with Minor White.